Hacker and unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd first introduced ‘partial’ A12(X) device support for the unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak tool just under three weeks ago, but as most of the jailbreak community already knows, full support for A12(X) devices won’t be possible until Saurik first updates Cydia Substrate with compatibility for arm64e devices.

In a short spiel Monday afternoon, Pwn20wnd took to Twitter with a small status update for those still wondering about the status of the A12(X) jailbreak:

As it would seem, completing full A12(X) support for the unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak tool will necessitate the following:

  • An update for Cydia Substrate to support tweak injection on arm64e devices
  • An update for unrestrict library for sandbox patches on arm64e devices

Despite being April Fools Day, Pwn20wnd confirmed that this wasn’t a joke Tweet, and perhaps more importantly, confirmed that Cydia Substrate is Saurik’s responsibility to update while Pwn20wnd will work on the unrestrict library side of things.

Albeit great news to see that these two small roadblocks are the only things preventing full A12(X) support for unc0ver, it’s worth noting that Pwn20wnd is slightly hung up on the fact that he recently bootlooped his only A12(X) testing device while working on unc0ver, compelling him to restore to a non-jailbreakable firmware:

Given the circumstances, development on unc0ver for iOS 12 is temporarily halted until Pwn20wnd can purchase another A12(X) device on a jailbreakable firmware. As always, you can support the development of unc0ver via Pwn20wnd’s PayPal or Patreon, both of which are linked in the official Github page.

At the time of this writing, the latest version of unc0ver is version 3.0.0 beta 48, with the latest official release being unc0ver v 2.2.6. Notably, unc0ver v3.0.0 is the only version of the tool that supports iOS 11.4-12.1.2.

How excited are you to have Cydia on your A12(X) device? Discuss in the comments section below.