Hacker and unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd added partial support for iOS 12.0-12.1.12 to the unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release Monday morning, a move that follows closely in the footsteps of Jake James’ rootlessJB 3.0 tool, a rootless SSH-oriented iOS 12 jailbreak for developers; likewise, this doesn’t support A7, A8, or A12 devices.

The hacker notes that there are some significant asterisks here to consider before jumping onboard. Much like rootlessJB 3.0, unc0ver’s preliminary iOS 12 support does not comprise of Cydia or Cydia Substrate as certain jailbreak patches aren’t yet functional.

The newfangled partial iOS 12.0-12.1.2 support comes by way
of four new iterations to the unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release, subtly dubbed beta 9,
beta 10, beta 11, and beta 12. Citing the changelog on Pwn20wnd’s GitHub
repository, those iterations incorporate these changes:

02/03/2019 – v3.0.0~b9 was released for public testing with the following changes:

– Make diagnostics include the log file again

02/03/2019 – v3.0.0~b10 was released for public testing with the following changes:

– Enable partial (Export/Un-Export Kernel Task Port, Set HSP4 as TFP0, Dump APTicket, Overwrite Boot Nonce, Log Slide, Log ECID, Disable Auto Updates) iOS 12.0 – 12.1.2 support for 16K (A8X – A12) devices (A12 and A8X excluded for now)

– Use a more efficient way for finding the kernel base

– Change the order of certain stages

– Show an alert at the end of the jailbreak to list the system wide affects that have been done

– Increase the reliability of the voucher_swap exploit

– Change the default boot nonce generator to 0x1111111111111111

– Log the kernel version string on launch

– Update the default preference configuration to have Disable Auto Updates on by default

02/04/2019 – v3.0.0~b11 was released for public testing with the following changes:

– Fix bugs in the device / version checker

– Fix typos

02/04/2019 – v3.0.0~b12 was released for public testing with the following changes:

– Add iOS 12.0 – 12.1.2 support for the restart button

Unless you’re a jailbreak developer, there’s no good reason to make use of the partial iOS 12 support. Novice and hobbyist jailbreakers are advised to continue waiting until a full-fledged iOS 12 jailbreak with support for Cydia and Cydia Substrate is released. Not only is this a beta, but the partial iOS 12 support only works for a small subset of devices and the jailbreak is SSH-only at the time of this writing.

The updated unc0ver v3.0.0 pre-release is available from Pwn20wnd’s GitHub repository, but just to reiterate, we advise against using it unless you have advanced knowledge about jailbreaking or you’re a developer who absolutely needs this for internal testing purposes.

Those on iOS 11.0-11.4 beta 3 can use unc0ver v2.2.5 to jailbreak right now without waiting.

How excited are you for an iOS 12 jailbreak to surface? Let us know by dropping a comment below.