There have been rumors that the Apple-owned Beats brand is working on a pair of truly wireless Powerbeats Pro headphones, and now there’s even a giant billboard in Los Angeles advertising the unannounced headphones.

Back in March, there was a report that outlined Beats working on a pair of truly wireless headphones under the Powerbeats branding. They would be called the Powerbeats Pro, and it did not take long before we saw our first official image of the incoming headphones thanks to the release of iOS 12.2. But, while the Powerbeats Pro seem to be all but confirmed at this point, Apple hasn’t actually announced or launched them just yet.

But that isn’t stopping the company from advertising them anyway. As was first reported on Wednesday by 9to5Mac, Apple has put up a giant banner in Los Angeles, California, on the cross streets of Vine and Sunset. It’s ridiculously tall and shows off the Powerbeats Pro name. Whether or not the image itself actually gets across that the headphones are truly wireless is up for debate, but at least there’s additional text that reads “totally wireless” at the bottom.

There are actually two ads, though, with a landscape billboard advertising the same Powerbeats Pro headphones just off to the left as well, which you can see in the image above. Apparently the ads say the new headphones are “coming soon”, but there aren’t any official dates present. The last rumor suggested the Powerbeats Pro headphones would launch sometime in April, so we may not have long to wait.

Our Take

Despite the fact that Apple just launched the second-generation AirPods, the truly wireless Powerbeats Pro shouldn’t cannibalize those sales due to the fact the Beats-branded product is designed for working out and training sessions. Plus, Apple has been moving towards a wireless future for quite some time now, so more options is always better.

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[via 9to5Mac]