Having your phone go dead while trying to navigate to a new place is the worst.

With summer inching closer week by week, you’ll want to be prepared for any long drives to the beach or sightseeing. Thankfully, Amazon has its AmazonBasics 4-Port USB Car Charger on sale currently for its lowest price ever of $9.74. That’s a savings of $5 off its normal price, and both the black and white versions are discounted.

This 48-watt car charger plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and can power up to four devices simultaneously thanks to its four USB ports (at up to 2.4 amps each). With its built-in safety system, your devices will be protected against overloads, short-circuits, and overvoltages. There’s also an integrated LED light to let you know it’s receiving a charge. AmazonBasics includes a one-year warranty with its purchase, though you’ll need to use your own charging cables with it.

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