Choose the 18-month lease option to score this offer.

While the latest iPhone models are pretty pricey, you can score some great discounts if you decide to go with one of the prior models. You won’t be losing many features or functionality in the process either, especially if you go with one that’s still recent such as the iPhone 8 for instance. Right now, you could grab one for just $5 monthly at Sprint using the 18-month lease option. In the process, you’ll be saving $14.45 per month, though there is a down payment required of $99.99 today. You must have approved credit and start a new line of service to get in on this deal as well. Shipping is free.

This offer is also valid on the iPhone 8 Plus, though you’ll have to pay a slightly larger down payment of $174.99. It’s important to keep in mind that if you cancel your service before your lease is up, you’ll still owe the remaining balance on the device you choose. Overall, the base iPhone 8 would cost you $190 total over the course of its lease while the iPhone 8 Plus is a bit higher at $265.

If you have questions regarding which device would be best for you, iMore has an in-depth review of the devices which you’ll want to take a look at. Their "Should You Upgrade to the iPhone 8?" article is pretty informative as well.

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