One of the reasons Apple’s ads are so great is music. With the right tune, any ad can become memorable—whether it be a lifestyle commercial or a fast-paced ad. And now, you can relive some of the most memorable Apple ads by listening to their underlying songs on Apple Music.

Human editors at Apple Music recently created a curated playlist of the best songs used in some of the most memorable advertisements released in the course of the past years.

Some of them are instantly recognizable, like several tunes used in the famous iPad commercials or some of the newer ones that can be heard in recent iPad and iPhone ads.

The playlist, titled “Heard in Apple Ads,” is available on Apple Music. “Favorites from previous Apple ads,” reads the playlist’s description. Hit the Add button to add the playlist to your library.

Songs from recent Apple ads.

Tap the cloud icon to download the playlist for easy offline listening when you’re without an Internet connection. To stop the playlist songs from being automatically added to your library, go to Settings → Music and toggle off the switch labeled with the text “Add Playlist Songs”.

Like most other curated playlist, “Heard in Apple Ads” automatically refreshes itself as soon as Apple’s editors add new content to the playlist.

Generally speaking, do you like the songs from Apple ads? Focusing specifically on this playlist, which tune is your favorite from an advertising standpoint, and why?

Let us know by leaving a comment down below.