Rolando, a platform puzzler and one of the first iPhone games, has returned to App Store in the form of a remastered version, dubbed Rolando: Royal Edition.

The brand new title has rethought every interaction, every course, flower, trampoline, bomb, catapult and squirrel. The visuals are, as you’d expect, top notch, making this the most gorgeous version yet.

Aside from updated graphics, all ofd the levels have been redesigned and the game now features all-new mechanics.

According to developer HandCircus:

The Kingdom has been invaded and the Rolandos are on a daring quest to save the sages from the clutches of the Shadow Creatures. Guide your intrepid gang of courageous Rolandos as they negotiate the toys, traps, puzzles and curious characters that fill this super-tactile world.

Some of the new features in Rolando: Royal Edition include all-new worlds, as well as perks such as squad goals and a new Touch the World mode:

  • Squad goals—From the Spiky Commandos and mischievous Prince to the endlessly napping King and Queen – each Rolando gives you a different way to play.
  • Touch the World—Reach into the world to directly aid your Rolandos: hoist them up on elevators, launch bombs to clear their path and fling them across chasms with catapults.
  • New worlds—Four new gorgeous, fun-packed worlds, from devious puzzles to action-packed platforming, offer a huge variety of challenges set in a world bursting with fauna and flora so charming you’ll want to move in.
  • Great soundtrack—Tap your fingers and your toes to the beat of the vibrant soundtrack from critically acclaimed producer and DJ Mr Scruff.

The original Rolando game is no longer available on App Store as it was one of the legacy 32-bit titles that got removed during the Great App Store Purge in 2017.

The original version of Rolando made its App Store debut back in 2008 at ten bucks a pop. The remastered version is available on App Store in exchange for six bucks. The game contains no ads and no in-app purchases.

Download Rolando: Royal Edition in App Store.