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Unlike videos, articles, and images, sharing podcasts on social media channels and on the web is a bit inconvenient. This is because one can share the link for a podcast but not specific parts which may contain some interesting information or nuggets. The latest Overcast update aims to solve that by allowing users to share clips from a podcast on the web.

The 2019.4 update for Overcast allows one to share up to one-minute long audio or video clips. The process is relatively simple as well. Simply tap the Share button on the Podcast you want to share and then instead of Share link, select the Share link at Current time option. Proceed to trim the part of the clip that you want to share and then post it on your favorite social media channel.

Apart from audio, you can also share portrait, landscape, or square video which will generate a video depending on your current Overcast theme setting.

Overcast developer Marco has ensured that he does not go overboard with the app’s branding since this move is aimed at promoting the overall podcasting culture as well.

For podcasting to remain open and free, we must not leave major shortcomings for proprietary, locked-down services to exploit. Conversely, the more we strengthen the open podcast ecosystem with content, functionality, and ease of use, the larger the barrier becomes that any walled garden must overcome to be compelling.

One of the most common shortcomings we hear is that podcasts are hard to share. Hopefully, Overcast’s new clip-sharing feature changes that, and other apps build similar features soon.

Now that Overcast has paved the way, I expect other popular podcasting apps to follow suit and implement something similar in their apps to make sharing clips from a podcast easier on the web.

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