Orbit Powerbank packs some extra punch.

Orbit Powerbank is no ordinary external battery pack. It’s also a Bluetooth tracker, so you can find your phone by pressing a button, or find the Orbit using your phone. Orbit Powerbank also acts as a camera remote, so you can prop up your phone and press the Orbit’s button to take a selfie or groupie.

Orbit Powerbank

Price: $50

Bottom line: Orbit Powerbank is more than just a battery. It’s extra features make it worth the extra price.

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The Good

  • Multi-purpose accessory
  • Charges your phone
  • Tracks your phone
  • Nice looking
  • Lightweight

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Software is buggy

Unexpected features

Orbit Powerbank: Features

The Orbit Powerbank is a 5000mAh battery in a slim anodized aluminum package. How many phone charges you can get out of a 5000mAh battery depends on which phone you have. I got a full charge on my iPhone XS plus a little bit more with my fully charged Orbit Powerbank.

The output port is a USB-A, otherwise known as standard USB, perfect for charging an iPhone or anything that uses an Apple Lightning charging cable. The input port, used for charging the Powerbank itself, is a typical micro USB. Four status lights let you know when your Powerbank is fully charged and when it’s in use.

The Orbit Powerbank charges, tracks, notifies, and takes selfies. What doesn’t it do?

There is a built-in Bluetooth tracker, which works both ways. You’ll need to download the app to connect the Powerbank to your phone. If you misplace your phone, you can press the button on the bottom of the Orbit Powerbank and your phone will make a loud sound. Conversely, if you open the app on your phone and tap Find Orbit Powerbank, you’ll hear a loud sound that allows you to find your Powerbank. If you are out of range from the Powerbank, you’ll see its last known location in the app. If it moves from where you left it, the Orbit community may be able to help. If anyone with an Orbit product comes within range of your Powerbank, you’ll be notified.

Free – Download the Orbit app

The Orbit Powerbank also acts as a camera remote. You can prop your phone up on a tripod or other secure location and pose for a selfie. The button on the bottom of the Powerbank activates the shutter.

Other nice features include a separation alert, so if your phone and the powerbank leave Bluetooth range from each other (about 20 feet), you’ll get a notification. There is also a low-power reminder, you’ll be notified if your Powerbank’s battery gets below 30 percent. The Orbit Powerbank comes in Black, Silver, and Rose Gold. It’s similar in size, shape, and weight to my iPhone XS.

So much more than a battery

Orbit Powerbank: What I like

I like that this small package holds so much. Not only does it charge my iPhone, but it also works as a tracker. I could pop it into a suitcase when I check it at the airport and voila! I have a smart suitcase. I like getting a notification on my phone when the Powerbank’s charge is running low. The camera remote is a less important feature since you can always use the iPhone camera’s timer instead, but it’s still nice to have.

Not cheap

Orbit Powerbank: What I don’t like

You can certainly buy a 5000mAh battery pack for less, and you can also buy a Bluetooth tracker for less. However, if you’re planning to both, you could probably save money by buying the Orbit Powerbank.

I have the separation alert turned on, and as I was writing this, I got a false alarm. There was no reason for it go off. I was sitting in my living room with both the Orbit and iPhone close at hand — mere inches apart. You can set a safe zone for the separation alarm, so it won’t go off in your own home. I did that and haven’t had any false alarms since.

Great multi-functional product

Orbit Powerbank: Bottom line

out of 5

The Orbit Powerbank charges your iPhone or other devices on the go. It is a Bluetooth tracker; the Powerbank tracks your phone, and your phone can track it. It will send notifications to your phone when the battery is running low, and when it and your phone are moving out of Bluetooth range from each other. The Orbit Powerbank has a camera remote shutter button, which is perfect for selfies and group photos. at only $50, you get a lot for your money.

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