Nike Updating Its App to Support Using AR to Find the Right Fit For Your Next Shoe

Posted by Evan Selleck on May 09, 2019 in News

Using an app to get something done is common practice now. 3D photo tours are available for buying a new home, for instance. And augmented reality (AR) can help us fill our houses with furniture before we buy it. So what about finding the right size for our next shoe?

Engadget is reporting that Nike is going to utilize augmented reality technology in a subsequent app update to help with finding your next shoe. The AR feature will actually measure your feet so that you can get that perfect fit. This is not a tool meant for folks who prefer buying their shoes in a store. But for those who buy shoes online.

Buying shoes can be a bit tougher than some might expect. The size might be a bit off from what you are used to with one brand to the next. And while size guides try to help, there’s definitely room for some error. Nike wants to make that easier by using augmented reality. It’s not a secret that Nike-branded shoes run a bit small.

Now, with the future update to the app coming later this summer, Nike says it can get a pretty precise measurement. Down to 2 millimeters, in fact. Using AR, the Nike app will be able to tell the volume of your foot, along with the size and shape. The app will then recommend the right shoe for you based on that information.

Nike will actually be using this AR feature in its stores to measure feet, too. So Nike is going all-in with AR measuring starting this year.

The app update will arrive in July in the United States. Sometime in August, Nike says it wants to launch the feature in Europe.

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[via Engadget]

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