The watchOS 5.2.1 update released today includes several rainbow-colored Pride watch faces that are new to the Apple Watch face gallery.

There’s a new 2019 digital pride Apple Watch face, which, like the 2018 pride watch face features rainbow stripes that wiggle when tapped or when your wrist is raised. Instead of six spaced out rainbow lines with black behind them, the new watch face features rainbow stripes that take up the entirety of the watch face in eight colors.

Apple has also added two new Pride Analog faces, one that’s square shaped and one that’s round, both with analog hands. The new analog watch faces change colors each time the wrist is raised, and wiggle like the rainbow stripe face. Each of the new watch faces support a limited number of complications.

For the last several years, Apple has debuted new pride Apple Watch bands during WWDC, and the company is likely to introduce another new rainbow design this year, which could feature solid stripes like the watch face.

Apple participates in the San Francisco Pride Parade every year in support of the LGBTQ community. Apple employees march in the parade, Apple creates dedicated t-shirts, and also hosts other celebrations throughout the month of June.

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