Word on the street is that Apple is planning on dropping the blue and coral color options from the new version of the iPhone XR. That handset is expected to be unveiled later this year. But while two colors will be getting removed from the rotation, two new colors will be getting subbed in: lavender and green.

And while the first initial rumor didn’t go into great detail, it seemed plausible enough. Now, just a few days later, we have what appears to be shards of casing glass that show off not only the familiar colors, but also the two new options. Mark Gurman tweeted out the photos late last night. You can see them at the top of this article.

The glass shards show us green, lavender, white, and yellow. And below that we can see white and black as well. There are no shards for blue and/or coral, though, which does seem to suggest those colors won’t be included this year.

The iPhone XR’s other new change will reportedly be the adoption of a pair of cameras, in a square camera encasement on the back. We should see a lot more of the iPhone XR’s new colors in the weeks and months ahead, before September rolls around and Apple makes it all official.

Our Take

Now, maybe these new color options aren’t all that surprising. In fact, maybe Apple has been working up towards this for quite some time. If you’ll recall, back in December of last year Apple released an advertisement called “Color Flood“. It showed a ridiculous number of people running around in colored jumps suits. The ad was meant to showcase the iPhone XR and its colorful options. Which it did! But the a also advertised two colors the iPhone XR wasn’t available in back then:

Purple and green.

Here we are with a new iPhone XR on the way and it turns out Apple is gearing up to launch those two specific colors. Even if it is at the cost of blue and coral.

Here’s the ad again:

[via MacRumors; @MarkGurman]