A pair of unannounced iPad models have again appeared in a regulatory database ahead of their official unveiling.

The new slates, with model numbers A2124 and A2133, were first spilled by the Eurasian Economic Commission in late January. They are expected to arrive sometime this spring.

Apple fans have been eagerly anticipating a new, entry-level 10-inch iPad and a refreshed iPad mini for some time. Recent reports, including those from trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, have indicated they are likely to arrive early this year.

And the evidence to support those claims continues to pile up.

New iPads approved in India

Indian regulators are the latest to approve Apple’s new iPads ahead of their impending launch. The models listed have identifiers we have seen before, and sadly there are no other juicy details in the filings that hint at what’s to come.

We don’t yet know if these are new 10-inch iPads, fifth-generation iPad minis, or something else entirely.

What the listings do reveal is that the devices are listed under the Laptop/Notebook/Tablet category, and that they’re assembled by Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner.

What we expect

These almost certainly aren’t new iPad Pro variants, since Apple’s most expensive tablet lineup was only refreshed last fall.

But the entry-level iPad has gone almost a year without an update, while the poor old iPad mini has been updated since September 2015, when it was upgraded to an A8 processor and 2GB of RAM.

We’re expecting the new iPad mini to be very similar to the last one. Leaks have indicated that it will carry the same design as the fourth-generation iPad mini, with only internal improvements to make it faster.

The entry-level iPad, which will replace the 9.7-inch iPad, is expected to get a larger 10-inch screen and a slight design revamp to accommodate it — as well as upgraded chips and other improvements.

Via: MySmartPrice