Apple today held a shareholder meeting and one of the topics it addressed very briefly deals with the video output functionally on the latest iPad Pro models.

According to AppleInsider:

Responding to a tangential question, senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said that new functionality is coming to USB-C video output on the iPad Pro. No more details were made public.

We recently highlighted everything you can do with the USB-C port on the 2018 iPad Pro models. To briefly summarize, the currently supported USB-C features include charging other devices, connecting to USB-C displays, HDMI monitors or TVs, connecting to hubs and docks, keyboards, audio interfaces and MIDI devices, external storage devices, Ethernet adapters and other devices.

You could do almost all of those things with Lightning-based iPads, provided you paid extra for the right adapter. With the USB-C protocol now standard on iPad Pro, using eternal devices is now easier and cheaper because you don’t need adapters.

USB-C on the new iPad Pro is held back in terms of support due to the iOS architecture and the way Apple hides the file system from users.

For instance, you can connect digital cameras via USB-C to your iPad Pro to transfer photos and videos, but you cannot use the Files app to browse files on external storage devices and copy them between your iOS device and a USB-C storage device like a flash drive.

If new video output functionality is coming to iPad Pro like Federighi acknowledged, it’s probably going to be unlocked but iOS 13, which is also expected to improve how iPad owners interact with files on external USB-C storage devices.

Thoughts on this?