Apple has rolled out iOS 17.1, unveiling a variety of new features for iPhones running the iOS 17 operating system. In addition to the major features highlighted in the release notes, there are also several concealed features that have been uncovered.

In this overview, we’ve compiled all the newly introduced features and changes found in iOS 17.1.

AirDrop Over Internet

AirDrop now allows transfers over cellular or Wi-Fi when you move out of the range of the person you’re sharing with. A new “Out of Range” toggle in the AirDrop settings menu lets you enable or disable transfers over cellular.

Apple Music Favorites

In the iOS 17.1 Music app, you can mark songs, albums, playlists, and artists as favorites. Favorited music is added to the Library and enhances recommendations. This replaces the previous “Love” system.

Apple Music Playlists

iOS 17.1 introduces color-matched playlist artwork options as a new customization feature for your playlists, offering eight different artwork styles.

Play Favorite Songs Quick Action

By long-pressing the Apple Music icon on the Home Screen, you can now choose the “Play Favorite Songs” option.

Double Tap on Apple Watch

The Double Tap feature is enabled in the watchOS 10.1 update, allowing users of Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 to perform various actions by tapping their thumb and index fingers together.

StandBy Display Options

A “Display” section in the StandBy settings menu provides new customization options for screen auto-off and includes the Night Mode function, which adds a red tint and dims the screen.

Action Button Update

In iOS 17.1, the Action Button’s functionality has been modified to prevent certain actions from being triggered when the iPhone is in a pocket or bag.

UK Bank Balances in the Wallet App

UK users can add their UK bank accounts to the Wallet app in iOS 17.1, enabling them to view account balances, payments, purchases, and deposits.

Wallet App and Discover Cards

U.S. Discover card users who add their credit cards to Apple Wallet can view their card balance and transaction history on the iPhone.

Books App

The “Reading Now” section in the Apple Books app has been renamed “Read Now.”

Dynamic Island Flashlight Indicator

In iPhones like the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Plus, a flashlight icon now appears in the Dynamic Island when the flashlight is activated.

Controller Support

iOS 17.1 includes support for the Nintendo Switch N64 Controller.

Extend Wallpaper

When setting up a new wallpaper, an “Extend” option has been added to accommodate images that don’t fit the display.

Photo Shuffle

In iOS 17.1, you can select a specific album of photos for the Lock Screen’s Photo Shuffle feature.


When using the Reachability feature on iPhones with a Dynamic Island, a black background is now displayed, avoiding redundancy.

Home Key Support for Matter Locks

Matter-equipped locks added to HomeKit can now be added to the Wallet app.

Screen Time Syncing

Screen Time settings are now better synchronized across devices to address past issues.

Journal App

While iOS 17.1 doesn’t include the promised Journal app, mentions of Journaling Suggestions in the code indicate it may arrive in the future.

New for the iPad

iPadOS 17 adds support for the USB-C Apple Pencil.

Crash Detection Optimizations

Apple has further optimized Crash Detection in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models.

80% Charging Limit Fix

A bug preventing the iPhone from charging beyond 80% in iOS 17 has been fixed.

Messages Bug Fix

iOS 17.1 resolves an issue with the search function in the Messages app and fixes other minor issues related to ringtones and keyboard responsiveness.

For more information on what’s included in iOS 17, refer to our dedicated iOS 17 roundup.