Aside from sharing a new shot on iPhone mini film, Apple this morning also published half a dozen videos on its official YouTube channel showcasing the versatility and on-the-go power of the new iPad Pro, including features like USB-C connectivity, Apple Pencil drawing and so forth.

Prior iPad commercials are mostly focused on the device’s powerful hardware and features that make it a viable PC replacement for most but not all people.

The most recent clips are no exception.

I’d like to start with this one, which I think features some excellent editing and great camera work but in spite of quick cuts manages to get its message across.

Song: “Almost Free” by FIDLAR

“With iPad Pro, get the power and portability you need to do it all on the go,” per the description.

The other videos follow below.

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to start your business. Write a business plan, design a logo from scratch to place on business cards, launch a website and make your first sale.”

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to make a video. Shoot in 4K, import from your gear with USB-C, edit videos on the fly, hand-draw animations and publish straight to YouTube.”

We recently highlighted all of the things one can do using the USB-C port on the new iPad Pro (which, by the way, will receive some enhancements in terms of video output).

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to make music. Record a sound, pitch it, warp it, add FX, jam with a friend and drop it directly to your fans.”

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to travel. Plan your trip with Notes, fly over destinations in 3D, entertain yourself on the flight and send your loved ones a handwritten note with Apple Pencil.”

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to plan your wedding. Get inspired, organize and delegate tasks, design an invitation and make changes on the fly.”

Put simply, these clips are Apple’s (effective) way of saying that the latest iPad Pro isn’t just your new business partner, but also your ultimate mobile video studio, a recording studio in your hands, your new favorite travel companion and a portable wedding planner.

Such messaging reminds me of the original iPhone that Apple pitched as three devices in one—a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and an Internet communicator—but that was before App Store came along and iPhone could become anything you wanted it to be, so long as there was an app for that.

How do you like these clips, which one’s your favorite and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments down below.