Netflix has already made it clear that it’s not entirely against the idea of watching television shows out of order. And now the company is testing that capability with a wider audience. Netflix is currently toying with the idea of shuffling random episodes of a TV show where it might not matter the order they’re watched in.

It isn’t a secret that there are some TV series that don’t need to be watched in any particular order, especially if you have already watched all of the episodes available. And if you’re just putting a show on in the background, the particular order those episodes come up in might not matter. Which is why Netflix is currently testing two different ways to shuffle episodes in popular shows.

The first is a dedicated section within the Netflix app itself, “Play a Popular Episode” with a shuffle icon next to it. This will launch an episode at random within the show’s seasons, and then continue to shuffle which episode comes up next as long as you keep watching. The other method is a “random episode” option within the playback section of a series.

Right now it looks like Netflix is testing the feature with shows like Our Planet, The Office, Arrested Development, Friends, and others of this nature. As mentioned earlier, Netflix tested random episodes plying for a user before, courtesy of the anthology series Love, Death + Robots. This seems a bit more user-friendly, though, as they get to choose to launch the random nature of episode deliveries.

Right now, Netflix is only testing this feature on Android devices. However, it is likely that, as long as things go well, the feature could expand to iOS and other devices in the near future.

In related Netflix news, the company recently launched a brand new animation for its logo which shows in front of original content. The company also recently explained why “technical limitations” made it impossible to keep AirPlay support in its app.

Our Take

This makes a lot of sense for the shows that are currently listed, as well basically any anthology series or nature series as each episode tends to have its own theme. But obviously one has to hope this feature doesn’t creep into other series where the sequential narrative is far more important.

[via Android Police]