Mophie’s iPhone battery case is a great alternative to Apple’s


Mophie Juice Pack Access iPhone battery pack comes in a variety of colors.
Mophie Juice Pack Access iPhone battery pack comes in a variety of colors.
Photo: Mophie

The wait is over for the Mophie Juice Pack Access. This series of cases extends the battery life of the 2018 iPhone models while still allowing the Lightning port to be used. And the iPhone can be wirelessly charged while in this battery case.

Mophie unveiled this product last month, and it just became available today.

The “access” in the Mophie Juice Pack Access

Many iPhone battery cases plug into the the LIghtning port thermselves so it can’t be used by other accessories. The Juice Pack Access sends power to the handset wirelessly, so the Lightning port is left accessible.

Mophie Juice Pack with 2018 iPhone
The Mophie Juice Pack leaves the iPhonw Lightning port exposed.
Photo: Mophie

This battery case can get power from any Qi-enabled wireless charger, or through its built-in USB-C port.

The version of the Juice Pack Access for the iPhone XS and X includes 2,000mAh of power, while the version for the XS Max has 2,200mAh. The one for the iPhone XR also has 2,000mAh of power.

Beyond just extra battery life, this case includes internal rubberized support pads to protect your phone during drops and falls, and its raised corners help prevent scratched and cracked screens.

The biggest drawback to battery cases is always weight. The Juice Pack Access for the iPhone XS Max is 0.23 pounds, for example. The other two versions weigh just slightly less.

A price below Apple’s

Mophie charges $99.95 for any version of the Juice Pack Access.  That’s well  below the $129 pricetag for Apple’s similar battery case for these three handsets.

There are a variety of color options for this new Mophie product, including black, stone, gold and dark red for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS/X versions, while iPhone XR users can choose from black, blue and red.