Whenever I jailbreak any of my handset(s), one of the first things I always look for is a useful all-in-one jailbreak tweak that can accomplish the same task as installing several tweaks. Springtomize has always been my go-to for this purpose, but for those on a budget, a newer release called MiscSettings by iOS developer Lucifers_Circlewill suffice.

MiscSettings is effectively a lightweight alternative to Springtomize in that it congregates a significant number of user-configurable options in the Settings app once installed:

Here, you can tinker with Status Bar, Lock screen, SpringBoard, and Control Center-centric options, in addition to some experimental ones. We’ll outline those for you below:

Status Bar

From the Status Bar cell, you can:

  • Hide the Status Bar from the Lock screen
  • Hide the Status Bar from the Home screen
  • Synchronize the Lock screen and Home screen Status Bar sizes
  • Enable and configure a custom carrier text
  • Disable the Status Bar in certain full-screen apps
  • Hide various Status Bar items:
    • Location indicator
    • VPN
    • AirPlay
    • Orientation Lock
    • Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth headphones
    • Airplane Mode
    • CarPlay
    • Cellular signal strength
    • Carrier name
    • Wi-Fi signal strength
    • Do Not Disturb indicator
    • Battery indicator
    • Charging indicator
    • Active alarm indicator
    • Breadcrumb links
    • Lock indicator
    • % sign
  • Show the Status Bar when inside a Home screen folder

Lock screen

From the Lock screen cell, you can:

  • Hide the Today view
  • Hide the ‘Now Playing’ view
  • Hide the blur when opening Notification Center
  • Enable and configure a custom notification transparency
  • Hide the ‘No Older Notifications’ text
  • Enable and configure a custom notification and widget corner radius
  • Configure various notched handset-centric features:
    • Hide the unlock text
    • Hide the Home Bar
    • Hide the Flashlight button
    • Hide the Camera button
    • Hide the Control Center grabber
    • Hide the Lock icon


From the SpringBoard cell, you can:

  • Hide Home screen app icon labels
  • Hide Home screen page dots
  • Hide updated app dots
  • Hide beta app dots
  • Automatically hide the Home Bar
  • Display download percentage next to app icon labels
  • Configure Folder-centric options:
    • Enable pinch to close
    • Remove animations
    • Hide the background
    • Keep folder open or close it after app launch
  • Toggle icon transparency
  • Configure a custom alpha level

Control Center

From the Control Center cell, you can:

  • Enable genuine Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles
  • Add percentages to the volume and brightness sliders
  • Add battery percentage to the Low Power Mode toggle
  • Remove chevrons
  • Change the Control Center tints
  • Configure the base overlay brightness via a slider
  • Configure the base overlay tint alpha via a slider
  • Configure the primary overlay tint alpha via a slider
  • Configure the overlay brightness via a slider

And lastly, MiscSettings’ Experimental cell provides a toggle for making the preference pane look spiffier, but this is a buggy beta feature and isn’t recommended:

The developer includes a Save button at the top right of every preference pane, and you’ll want to use it whenever you make changes to ensure that your personalized options are appended to your device.

All in all, MiscSettings is a comprehensive tweak with more than 50 useful options that you can deploy on your jailbroken handset without installing a plethora of tweaks. Those interested in trying the tweak can download it for free from the iDeviceHacked repository in Cydia or Sileo. The repository URL is as follows:


MiscSettings should play nicely with most jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

What are your thoughts considering the tweak’s feature set and free price tag? Let us know in the comments section below!