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The Minger TV 6.56-foot changing color LED light strip is down to $7.79 with code GS7ONA3G on Amazon. Without the code, this light strip sells for $13, and we have never seen it drop this low directly.

Despite the price, this strip has a ton of useful features. For example, it has a built-in high-sensitivity mic, which can automatically adjust your lights and colors based on the sound it picks up. Sync the strip to the music or show you’re watching and get the lighting just right. With backlighting on your TV or monitor, this strip will actually help alleviate eye-strain caused by the differences in picture brightness between scenes in shows.

The strip can be changed into seven different colors, which allows a variety of atmospheres and moods. Once mounted, you can use the portable controller for everything you need so no more accessories are required. Cut the strip along certain points to get the precise fit for wherever you’re placing it, then use the 3M adhesive to attach it almost anywhere. The LEDs output low heat, too, so they are safe and touchable.

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