DJ iPhone, born Nai Amonsah Otto, is a Ghanaian disc jockey whose talent is redefining the DJ experience in the bubbling Ghanaian mainstream music scene while also elevating the role of DJs in Afrobeats.

DJ Iphone
The 27-year-old DJ sets himself apart as a special talent who uses just an iPhone without the vital support of a turntable. Harmed with an iPhone and a stellar talent, DJ iPhone is redefining the nightlife experience in Ghana and his fame is fast spreading to other countries.

Since he started DJing in 2017, iPhone has dazzled the audience with his talent with a stellar mix of mixes, increasing his fame. In 2018 he released ‘Cruise Control 8’ and ‘Cruise Control 8D’. In 2019 he delivered series 11, 12, and 13 of his catchy ‘Cruise Control’ mix. He returned in 2021 with a smooth Amapiano mix and ‘Sax8D’ mix. And most recently in 2022, he released three mixes – ‘Afrobeats Stew’‘PianoSax 8D’, and ‘E-Piano’.

A unique disc jockey, Otto is highly sought after and has played in over 20 shows, festivals, and concerts worldwide, including that of Afrobeats megastar Wizkid.

For the entertainer, what sets him apart is his use of just an iPhone in playing a full set and he has been defying the odds as a mobile DJ.

“My brand is more about mobile DJing which is playing music on my phone with software similar to how a turntable DJ can play a set. what set me apart is that I’m wireless and mobile while also delivering full sets in concerts and parties.”

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DJ iPhone hopes to create experiences for audiences and also inspire other mobile DJs to adopt similar creative minimalism. He also has ambitions to take his talent around the world.

“I hope to inspire other mobile DJs to come out and also create experiences for the audience. I also want to perform in the biggest festival and shows around the world.”

iPhone is set to take his talent to the next level with the release of his upcoming project. He has collaborated with a couple of artists and his first offering will be his single with Ghanaian star Darko Vibes which is set for a November 11th release.

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