If you’re looking for a great Netflix experience for macOS, look no further than Clicker, a streamlined Netflix player for your Mac that comes with time-saving Touch Bar shortcuts, Picture-in-Picture support and a bunch of preferences for things like automatically skipping episode intros, automatically starting the next episode and more.

Created by Drew Koch, this app does a lot of things right.

It will automatically resume your last played video and skip a show’s intro, if any. It will also prevent trailers from playing automatically, but you can adjust all those, as well as many other settings to your liking in the surprisingly detailed settings interface.

Some of the other noteworthy customizable options include killing the Netflix Originals row, removing the hover effect on posters, preventing the “Who’s Watching” screen on startup, hiding the Skip Intro button on shows and other useful adjustments.

Clicker lets you customize the Netflix experience to your liking

The available Touch Bar controls include your playback buttons, captioning options and other handy shortcuts like instantly accessing a previously played movie or show, which is actually a great way to quickly browse through your history like a boss.

To quickly switch to another show, tap the Quick Switcher button in your Mac’s Touch Bar then pull up a recently watched show. For seamless show switching, interact with the Touch Bar options directly from Clicker’s video player! If you don’t have a Touch Bar-enabled Mac, don’t worry—Clicker lets you access your recently watched shows right from the menu bar icon.

Your Netflix watch history is a click away

The app can be run in windowed mode, which is my favorite setup when multitasking, or taken fullscreen to remove the chrome and enjoy the Netflix interface in its full glory.

Clicker in fullscreen mode

With quick access to Clicker through your Mac’s Dock, a simple click of its icon is all it takes to get your binge on. And last but not least, the app supports macOS’s Picture-in-Picture feature which allows you to detach the video player into a floating window that stays on top of other apps so you can multitask while watching your favorite show.

As part of the special launch discount, the app can be bough with a $3 discount by applying the code launchpromo19 at checkout. Clicker for Netflix requires macOS 10.10 Yosemite or higher.

It’s available at clickerfornetflix.com.

Working on a spreadsheet while watching Beyoncé’s documentary “Homecoming”. Don’t tell boss.

Unfortunately, the software doesn’t support offline cache nor does it provide transparency options like the Helium app. Clicker is basically a web wrapper of the Netflix website with some much-needed customization options that many other similar apps lack.

It also won’t do 4K playback, just like the Netflix website on macOS.

Clicker doesn’t feel slow like Electron-built apps, quite the contrary. And for what it does, this app’s good value for anyone who watches Netflix regularly on their computer.

Your thoughts on Clicker for Netflix?