There are tons of cases to choose from for the iPhone 14. With the ODYSSEY+ cases, MAGEASY has added removable bumpers on the corners that can be replaced with eyelets to use with a lanyard. It’s a pretty versatile design, available for the entire iPhone 14 lineup – and they’re offering a discount code for the 9to5Mac audience.

Military grade drop protection

The ODYSSEY+ case is designed to be rugged, so it includes everything you would expect from a durable case. It has reinforced corners with 2mm of material to prevent cracked screens or back glass during a drop. The sides of the case have a honeycomb pattern to provide extra protection.

Additionally, the frame around the camera bump is extended just above the camera lenses, and the bezel around the screen extends up to help prevent damage during drops. MAGEASY cites their testing to military standards for drops up to 16 feet.

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Lanyards and versatility

Of course, the simplest way to keep your phone safe is just by not dropping it, and the ODYSSEY+ case makes that simple with built in lanyard eyelets. There are four different lanyards to choose from, and you can replace any of the corner bumpers with the included lanyard eyelets. You can get a black or rainbow lanyard with a heavy duty looking hook, or slightly thinner black or gray lanyard with a thinner hook that can swivel.

High quality finishes w/ multiple options

With a focus on rugged utility, MAGEASY’s ODYSSEY+ phone cases for the iPhone 14 line bring versatility to your phone case without compromising the aesthetic.

Available for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s available either with or without additional magnets for improved MagSafe compatibility – to ensure your device stays firmly attached to any MagSafe accessories. The case is designed in two finishes – either leather-texture engraved TPU or an aviation aluminum alloy.

The back of the case has a clear polycarbonate to let you continue to show off the color of your iPhone 14.

If you’re interested in the ODYSSEY+, or any of SwitchEasy’s other accessories for the iPhone 14 lineup, you can check them out on the MagEasy page within SwitchEasy’s website.

The versatile ODYSSEY+ is perfect for both daily use and outdoor activities. Get 20% off your order with code: 925mac20

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