MacRumors is pleased to announce our Tenth Annual MacRumors Blood Drive, throughout the month of May 2019. Our goal is to save lives by increasing the number of life-saving blood and platelet donations. While most blood drives are specific to a geographic location, our blood drive is online and worldwide.

Over the past nine years, MacRumors Blood Drives have recorded donations of 544 units of blood, platelets, and plasma, and celebrated new signups for organ donor and bone marrow registries. We’ve heard from people whose lives were saved by blood, platelet, or bone marrow donations, including lives saved by complete strangers.

How to participate in the month of May

  1. If you are eligible, schedule a blood or platelet donation (see FAQ), at any donation center near you. Then post in the MacRumors 2019 Blood Drive! thread to tell us about it and to accept our thanks. Or tell us if you register as an organ donor and/or register for the bone marrow registry (see FAQ).
  2. If you aren’t eligible to donate blood for reasons of age, health, height/weight, a recent donation, or because you are deferred as a donor, please encourage someone else to make a donation, and let us know. If they donate, you both belong on our Honor Roll. See our Blood donor eligibility thread for news about the deferral policies for gay men in different countries.
  3. Share our message and help this cause by convincing friends and relatives to participate as well. The Honor Roll lists this year’s donors. Please congratulate them for their generous acts on behalf of strangers.

From June 2019 to April 2020

In between MacRumors Blood Drives, join Team MacRumors and get credit for your interim donations in next year’s drive. Anytime you donate, let us know, as follows:

  1. Go to our team page and click PLEDGE TO GIVE BLOOD. (Bookmark the page for the future.)
  2. Fill in your MacRumors username as your first name. Fill in @ macrumors as your last name.
  3. In the comments field, tell us what type of donation and how many units, e.g., 1 unit of whole blood, 2 units of platelets, etc.
  4. The email address and zip code fields don’t matter. MacRumors won’t use that information.

We look forward to another successful MacRumors Blood Drive. Thank you to our many donors over the last 9 years!

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