Music streaming services like iTunes and Spotify have forever altered the ways in which we listen to music on the go. With a simple monthly subscription fee, we’re now able to stream a virtually endless amount of content on all of our devices, and more and more artists are being added to these rosters every day.

But unless you’ve been blessed with an unlimited data plan or an especially robust battery, chances are you’re sapping a huge amount of data and power every time you listen to Spotify on your phone. That’s why this Mighty Vibe Spotify Offline Player lets you listen to your Spotify music without a phone, and it’s currently available for 10% off at just $76.99.

Say goodbye to data overages and drained batteries. This tiny-yet-mighty player lets you listen to your favorite tunes without a smartphone or Internet connection.

Whether you’re working out, commuting, or setting out on an epic outdoors adventure, this player supports both wired and Bluetooth headphones and speakers, can store over 1,000 songs at once, and is super-durable (so you won’t have to worry about taking it with you on your more rugged excursions).

You’ll even be able to keep your music continuously synced through a new Stay Fresh sync feature.

Listen to your Spotify music on the go without a smartphone with the Mighty Vibe Spotify Offline Player for just $76.99—10% off for a limited time.

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