What’s your zombie apocalypse survival strategy? Come on, everyone’s got one. Do you tool up and fend off the swarm, find a place with a big heavy door, head to high ground, find friends, go solo?

There’s nothing more enjoyable than wargaming the zombie apocalypse with your buddies, and LifeAfter, from NetEase, lets you put your plans into action on your phone.

The setting is familiar. A highly contagious virus that turns its victims into murderous braindead drones has brought humanity to its knees, infecting virtually everyone and causing society to collapse.

You are one of the “lucky” survivors, and it’s your lot in life to explore the zombie-induced wasteland, visiting places like a ruined city, an abandoned college, and a remote forest in search of safety.

As you move around you’ll experience various different environmental effects. There’s a day/night cycle, for a start, with inevitable temperature variations. Plus, zombies like the dark. Dynamic weather effects crop up too, such as sandstorms, rain, snow, and more, all of which impact you in unique ways.

You’ll need to take out zombies, naturally, but that’s just a fraction of your day to day struggle. Survival means hunting for food, harvesting edible plants, logging, and so on. It also means staying warm, well-fed, healthy, strong, and injury-free.

Alongside the exploration, there’s an integral base-building element to the game. Once you’ve found a place to settle down you can construct your own camp, along with any fellow survivors you’ve befriended along the way. These camps become settlements, with surrounding buildings, organizational structures, and even mayors.

And what’s the point in building a new society if you can’t attack other new societies? As well as cooperating with your camp-mates to fend off waves of zombies you’ll be able to attack other camps and loot their stuff.

In a world dominated by fantasy MMOs containing corny dragons and castles, LifeAfter is a truly distinctive multiplayer mobile game. You can try it for yourself now the App Store. It’s also available on Google Play.