In a somewhat unusual episode, Cody and Sebastien talk about negative reviews, mouse and trackpad support on iPad, newly discovered apps, and recently watched TV shows.

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Show Notes

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Addressing a negative review by JGR627 on 03/19/2019

It hurts me to update my review and change it from 5 stars to 1 but every week I listen and every week I get taunted by both Sebastian and Cody and I have had enough of it! The conversation you have are great! What kills me and bothers my soul is when you both say “let’s continue the conversation on Twitter” I have reached out to both of you guys to get 0 response! I get it we have lives and we’re busy but to constantly say reach us on Twitter and not respond was what pushed me over the edge. I will continue to listen and I will try to engage with you both again in the future. Until then this might be my greatest review ever! ? still.

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Mouse and trackpad support is apparently coming to iPad with iOS 13

Cool new apps we’ve tried:

Recently watched:

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