How does Disney+ compare to Netflix in terms of pricing and content, and maybe more importantly, how does it compare to the upcoming Apple TV+ service? Also, strong signs are pointing in the direction of a dismantling of iTunes. What does that mean for casual and advanced users alike? Listen in for potential answers.

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Show Notes

Disney+ details: pricing, roadmap, content, device compatibility, Apple rivalry & more

Everything Disney owns after massive Disney/Fox merger

YouTube TV raising price to $55/month for Apple-billed customers

Netflix raises Standard plan from $11 to $13 a month, Basic & Premium get a price hike too

Apple may finally dismantle bloated iTunes by delivering standalone Music and Podcasts apps

macOS 10.15 will bring standalone Marzipan-built apps for Music, Podcasts, TV & Books

How to get details about any song on Apple Music with iTunes

How to sort your Music library in iTunes any way you want

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