QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting tools on the market and is a necessity if you’re looking to track your small business’s financial data. However, it can be difficult to master, especially if your time is aimed at running your business alone or as a small team. If you’d like to master QuickBooks and have unparalleled control over your finances, this $19 Master Class can show you how.

The QuickBooks 2019 Master Class is a 7-hour course on how to use QuickBooks effectively. It will teach you how to create reports, summaries, and analyses as well as set up accounts and create lists to track customers, vendors, and employees. You’ll also learn how to interpret financial reports and bank statements. This course also covers new features in QuickBooks 2019, so if you’re already experienced in QuickBooks, you can still learn something new. Topics are covered through 70+ instructional videos that you can watch at your own convenience.

The best part about this Master Class is that it includes a certificate of completion upon passing the quiz at the end of the course. This certification proves your proficiency in QuickBooks and can be shown to potential employers if you’re looking for accounting roles with small businesses.

QuickBooks makes accounting easy, and the QuickBooks 2019 Master Class can make learning QuickBooks even easier. You can buy this course from the Macworld Shop for $19, or 87% off.

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