Word on the street is that Apple is going to make some big changes to the iPhone lineup this year — not including a foldable phone, though.

We’ve got a look at a schematic today, posted to Slashleaks, suggests we’re looking at a “new XR”, which does seem to suggest this is the new iPhone XR. For those keeping track, the rumor mill has suggested that Apple is planning on launching an iPhone XR this year that will feature a pair of cameras on the back, rather than the single camera setup the OG model has.

Now, if we look closely at the image of the schematic, which is in no way confirmed to be real, it looks like we can see at least one more camera than two on the back. In fact, it appears like we can see three cutout holes for cameras, and two additional sections for what would probably be the flash and maybe a microphone.

In fact, we don’t even have to stare that hard to maybe see this design:

That is a concept image for the “iPhone 11” or “iPhone XI”, that initially cropped up earlier this year. There is some speculation that this is the design Apple is going to go with and not, say, a triple camera setup in a vertical design. This schematic for the “new XR” does not seem to point to a successor of the original iPhone XR, but may in fact be hinting at the incoming iPhone 11 design.

The schematic does show other interesting bits, including the cutout for a SIM card tray and the Lightning port. However, this does not in any way indicate the validity of the image. Even concept images that are likely to crop up after this schematic makes the rounds won’t be a definitive ruling on the matter. Apple is more than likely still finalizing the design of the 2019 iPhone lineup. Though, probably for not much longer.

Our Take

I really hope this design is not the way Apple goes. It is . . . not even remotely attractive. The triple camera design that sees the shooters vertically stacked is much more appealing, and hopefully that’s the way Apple goes this year.

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What do you think? Are we seeing the first glimpse of a 2019 iPhone here, with a very strange camera design?

[via Slashleaks]