Sileo is a forward-thinking package manager for jailbroken handsets that strives to compete directly with Jay Freeman’s renowned Cydia app; but at the time of this writing, Sileo is in its beta preview stages and is only officially supported by the Electra Team’s Electra jailbreak.

Third-party means of installing the Sileo package manager on Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak surfaced just over a month ago (obviously not officially supported by the Sileo Team), but have since been broken by changes to the electratools GitHub page. Fortunately, official support for the unc0ver jailbreak could come sooner rather than later.

In a Tweet shared by iOS developer LaughingQuoll earlier this week, we learned that CoolStar has agreed to provide a dedicated build of Sileo for the unc0ver jailbreak:

Just yesterday, a follow-up Tweet explained that LaughingQuoll was granted access to the Sileo app’s source code and that compatibility with other jailbreaks would be worked on. More importantly, the Tweet adds that Sileo would be kept “as standalone as possible” to “eliminate the possibility of interference from other jailbreaks.”

It remains to be seen what those small tidbits of verbiage actually mean, but hopefully the app won’t be too much different than the one that comes bundled by default with the Electra jailbreak.

For many avid jailbreakers, it’s exciting to learn that the Sileo package manager will one day be officially supported on the unc0ver jailbreak; on the other hand, jailbreakers are advised not to hound the developers for progress updates, as they’ll be published when the time is right.

Jay Freeman’s Cydia package manager continues to reign supreme
as the jailbreak community’s go-to package manager, not only because of its
prominence over the last decade, but because it’s familiar and trusted by many.
Still, Sileo can and will run alongside Cydia on most jailbreaks, so it should
be interesting to see how things pan out.

Are you excited to hear that Sileo will be officially
supported on the unc0ver jailbreak? Discuss in the comments section below.