Kuo: Apple to Launch 31.6-Inch 6K Mini LED Display This Year

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 09, 2019 in Apple News, News

The full version of Kuo’s note for TF International Securities is out and has more details about Apple’s 31.6-inch display. Contrary to what DigiTimes had claimed, Kuo says that Apple will be launching a 31.6-inch standalone display later this year and not an iMac.

This new monitor from Apple will have an “all-new design” and make use of mini LED technology. The new design likely points to the display coming with slim bezels and a sleek design which the previous Cinema display lacked. As for Mini LED, it has a wide color gamut, better contrast, and other advantages over existing LCD panels which is why Apple is going to use it for its upcoming 6K 31.6-inch display.

The product will occupy a “very high-end position” in the market which means it will be targetted towards professional users and carry an equally heavy price tag. It is possible that Apple can unveil the new monitor at WWDC 2019 in a couple of months from now. However, since WWDC is a developer-oriented event, an unveiling in September is more likely a possibility before Apple puts it on sale towards the end of the year.

Apple will also be adopting the mini LED technology across its iPad and MacBook Pro lineup throughout 2020 and 2021.

Our Take

Since 2016, Apple has been offering LG’s 5K UltraFine monitor as an alternative to its own Cinema Display after it stopped selling the latter. This year, it looks like Apple is going to change things and once again offer its own Cinema Display which will push the boundaries in terms of what standalone displays are capable of. Given the high price tag of the product and the low volume that Apple will sell, the company can risk using mini LED technology on it.

Are you excited about Apple working on a mini LED 6K 31.6-inch Cinema display?

[Via CNBC]

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