While there’s been a lot of news encompassing progress on the iOS 12 jailbreak as of late, that hasn’t hindered third-party iOS 11-centric projects from making historic progress. One of the latest involves an untethered jailbreak for handsets running iOS 11.x.

Indeed, while it might seem too good to be true at first glance, iOS developer Jake Blair Tweeted a demonstration video from YouTube Monday afternoon showcasing his “spicy” untethered jailbreak on what appears to be an unknown iteration of iPad mini:

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It’s evident from the video that there’s no funny business at work. The iPad isn’t connected by any cables, and just a few short minutes after rebooting the device, it appears to respring. Upon starting back up, we can see the Cydia app (themed by an unknown jailbreak theme) and a custom paging animation for the Home screen by way of jailbreak tweak.

More importantly, Blair hasn’t provided any ETA, but instead states that he’s “working on it.” Unfortunately, that’s all we know at the time of this writing.

For what it’s worth, semi-tethered jailbreak tools like Electra, unc0ver, and Yalu have all but taken over the jailbreak community in recent years. The Pangu team was the last to release an untethered jailbreak to the public, and that was back when iOS 9 reigned supreme.

Information about Blair’s ‘spicy’ untethered jailbreak for
iOS 11.x is sparse, but we’ll keep you updated if and when anything
materializes that might impact your jailbreakability.

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