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Apple usually takes a pretty hard-line approach to approved repairs at its retail stores. But it’s apparently starting to broaden its scope a bit.

That’s the report out of iGeneration on Tuesday, and as it relates to batteries. According to the publication, Apple is now covering repairs for iPhones that are installed with third-party batteries. Up to this point, the Genius Bar at an Apple Store, and third-party authorized repair shops, have been told to deny service to iPhone owners that have inserted a non-Apple battery into their iPhone.

According to the documentation, Apple is now ordering repair individuals to ignore the third-party battery altogether if the repair is not connected to the battery. Those repairs would include the display, and other parts that aren’t the battery.

If the repair is tied to the battery, and if the battery is a third-party option, then Apple is instructing those repairing the device to replace it with an authorized Apple battery. This will be covered by the standard fees in place. The documentation says that the repair person also has to drain the third-party battery to less than 60% of its charge.

The new change should be implemented worldwide, so if you do have a third-party battery in your iPhone, it sounds like you shouldn’t be ushered away any longer if you do need a repair. And, according to the documentation, the change went into effect last Thursday.

This is decidedly good news! Apple has been strict in the past, and, in most cases, it still is. Even when it comes to issues that it refuses to admit to (even after fixing it). Plus, this should get more people to come in and pay for the battery replacement fee.

Will you take advantage of this change?

[via iGeneration]

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