Maxis iPhone eSIM Quick Transfer

iOS 16.2 carries quite a number of new features and security updates but as Malaysian iPhone users, we also receive extra telco-related features. With the new update, Maxis customers can now also migrate their physical SIM card into an eSIM directly through their iPhone via a feature called eSIM Quick Transfer.

With the new feature, they can also directly transfer their existing eSIM from the old device to a new iPhone or iPad by themselves. Prior to this, customers have to visit a Maxis store in order to perform such transfers.

A mockup of the Maxis eSIM pack when it was first made available to customers back in 2017. [Image: Maxis / YouTube.]

Interestingly, Maxis has yet been listed in Apple’s support document as one of the telcos that are able to support eSIM Quick Transfer at the time this article is published. That being said, the telco has already updated the eSIM section of its website which indicate that the feature is indeed readily available for its customers.

To move away from your existing physical SIM card inside your iPhone to eSIM, head on to Settings > Mobile Data > Convert to eSIM. Just follow the on-screen instruction and you will eventually end up at Maxis eSIM Transfer mobile webpage that will require you to input the owner ID number as well as your e-mail address.

[Image: Maxis]

Once both details have been verified, the system will then send over an SMS OTP code. A screen that said “eSIM transfer successful” will then appear which mark the completion of the transfer process.

[Image: Maxis]

In order to ensure a smooth transfer, you have to make sure that your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network during the transfer process. Of course, do note that the eSIM feature can only be obtained on iPhone 11 or newer models in addition to having the new iOS 16.2 update installed on the device.

From what we know at the moment, Maxis is the only Malaysian telco that supports the new eSIM Quick Transfer feature so far. For further details, do check out the eSIM section of the Maxis website right here.

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