The future of the iPhone is expected to bring several innovations, paving the way for a seamless, all-screen device devoid of ports and buttons. Essential components for such a device include reliable under-display camera and Face ID technology, fast wireless charging, and data transfer capabilities. Surprisingly, instead of fewer buttons, the upcoming iPhone 16 models, set to debut next year, might introduce additional hardware buttons.

Rumors regarding this newfound hardware button began circulating following the iPhone 15 launch event. Internally referred to as the “Capture” button, its exact function remains a mystery. However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that such a button could be a valuable addition.

The lack of access to the Action button on iPhone 15 Pros (for iPhone 14 Pro users like myself) is somewhat enviable, especially its ability to accommodate multiple shortcuts. The Capture button rumor gains excitement for similar reasons.

Even if the exact role of the extra button remains uncertain, it’s likely to be customizable, mirroring the Action button’s versatility. However, even if Apple assigns specific functions to it, the Capture button’s placement could significantly enhance user experience. Positioned lower on the right side of the iPhone, it would become more accessible when operating the device single-handedly.

The current standby/power button invokes the Apple Wallet app and Siri, but its location sometimes makes it inconvenient to press. Moreover, its placement often results in unintentional screenshots. A customizable Capture button, ergonomically positioned on the right side, has the potential to address these issues.

Regarding the name “Capture,” speculations suggest it could be linked to the camera function or taking screenshots, but these ideas are purely speculative.

A recent report from an anonymous Chinese leaker known as Instant Digital on Weibo suggests a “strong possibility” of Apple introducing the new button. Past history indicates the leaker’s accuracy in sharing Apple-related information.

The insider indicates that Apple plans to relocate the mmWave antenna to the left side of the iPhone 16 to accommodate the new button. While the leaker doesn’t provide a name for the button, the “Capture” button label comes from a prior MacRumors report based on its sources.

In addition to the new button, Apple intends to maintain the Action button, albeit with a redesigned flush design on iPhone 16 models. The Action button will transition to solid-state technology. On the other hand, the volume keys and standby/power button will remain unchanged.

According to MacRumors’ sources, the new button is expected to be available on all four iPhone 16 models, with the Action button continuing to be a standard feature on all 2024 iPhones.