iOS 13 Will Add Support for USB Mouse on iPad Pro

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 23, 2019 in iOS 13, News

Apple will reportedly be adding native support for USB mouse to the iPad Pro with the upcoming iOS 13 update. The feature will be added as an accessibility one from Apple which means that users will first have to enable it from the Settings menu before they can use a mouse on their iPad Pro.

Right now, iOS only supports joystick, trackball, and other similar hardware as a part of AssitiveTouch feature. With iOS 13 though, users would be able to directly plug in a mouse and start using it on your iPad Pro. The revelation was first made by MacStories founder Viticci on the latest episode of Connected FM podcast and was confirmed by developer Steve Stroughton-Smith as well.

Unlike Windows and macOS though, iOS will not show the mouse pointer on-screen. Instead, Apple is looking to replace it with a small dot or circle, though the final decision is still unclear.

iOS 13 is going to pack a number of changes that will help make the iPad Pro better at multitasking. The new set of APIs will allow third-party apps to directly access photos stored on an external flash drive connected to an iPad Pro and skip the Photos app completely. Apple is also going to make multitasking improvements which include apps having multiple windows and sheets which can be pinned to the display and moved anywhere. It will also introduce a system-wide undo gesture along with one to select multiple items or files at once.

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