iOS 13 Concept

A new report details all the new features that will be a part of iOS 13. This includes a system-wide Dark mode, multitasking improvements on the iPad, an improved Mail app, and more.

Dark Mode

Apple will finally be debuting a system-wide Dark mode as a part of iOS 13. The feature will be similar to Dark mode in macOS Mojave and can be enabled from Settings. Apple will also be updating all its Marzipan iPad apps on macOS to support dark mode as well.

Improved Multitasking on iPad

Apple will also improve the multitasking experience on the iPad with iOS 13. Apps can have multiple windows and can contain sheets which can be pinned to a part of the screen. These cards can be moved around the display to allow for free-form multitasking. These cards can be flung away to be dismissed.

Apple will also be introducing a system-wide undo gesture on the iPad with iOS 13. With a three-finger swipe on the keyboard, users can swipe left or right to undo or redo an action. To make users comfortable with the gesture, Apple will show a tutorial the first time they open the keyboard. Apple will also provide developers with an API so that they can hook into this gesture.

Improved Safari and Mail App

Apple is fixing one major gripe with Safari on iOS 13. The browser will automatically ask to render the desktop version of a website instead of its iPhone version. This will lead to an overall better browsing experience.

The Mail app in iOS is going to get some functionality improvements with iOS 13. It will allow users to sort their emails into various categories. It will also gain a new ‘Read Later’ option similar to the one found in Safari thereby allowing users to come back to an email at a later time.

Focus on Productivity

To improve productivity in iOS 13, Apple will allow users to drag items in a list with multiple fingers or select multiple files at once by dragging their fingers across them. This new gestures will be available in table and collection views which are used by a majority of apps displaying a huge amount of data.

To improve the split-view multitasking experience, Apple will be allowing developers to use light and dark status bar styles in their apps. This will help users differentiate between multiple Split View windows.

Volume HUD, New Reminders App, More

Apple is finally improving the Volume HUD in iOS 13. It will be completely revamped to make it less obtrusive in nature. Additionally, the Reminders app will get a redesign and it will be a part of the next macOS release as well. “Hey Siri” detection will also improve along with multilingual support for the keyboard.

Font management will also be improved as a part of iOS 13, with a new font management panel being a part of the OS.

We Want to Hear From You

Are you glad that Apple is finally going to include a system-wide Dark mode in iOS 13? Or are you more excited about the improved iPad multitasking experience? What other features would you like to see be a part of iOS 13?

[Via 9to5Mac]