A fresh batch of new iOS 13 concepts come courtesy of 3D artists Léo Vallet and Daniel Korpai who shared their mockups showing off some of the rumored features coming to Apple’s platforms, including an unobtrusive volume HUD, enhanced multitasking, a system-wide Dark Mode, writing iOS apps in Xcode for iPad with external monitor support, a Finder-like app for iPad and more.

Léo Vallet

Here are some of Léo’s ideas for iOS 13.

A lot of people are going to love an unobtrusive volume HUD reportedly coming to iOS 13

Writing apps on an iPad would be great. But first, we need Xcode for iOS!

Control Center and the app switcher, merged into one. I could definitely live with that!

Dark Mode is coming to iOS to save your OLEDs, eyesight and battery.

I’d rather have the ability to set a custom cellular bandwidth cap, like on Android.

This is 100 percent doable. Apple, are you listening?

Daniel Korpai

And now, check out some of Daniel’s ideas.

He has envisioned much-improved multitasking that would let you combine the various multitasking modes with the existing Slide Over view, a desktop-class file management supporting tabs, column view, resizable sidebar and Quick Look integration, managing files from external drives and more.

Finder for iPad (or the Files app) should get support for external storage in iOS 13

I’ve always hated that the Files app doesn’t support QuickLook properly.

iPad is ripe for some multitasking advancements.

Reordering apps. The ability to interact with three opened apps at the same time could be really useful on iPad.

And now, check out Daniel’s video below.

Be sure to check out Daniel’s post on Medium, it’s got additional renderings and he explains the reasoning behind these gorgeous mockups. And if you haven’t already, check out our iOS 13 coverage archives and Mark Gurman’s massive report detailing all the major changes coming to Apple’s platforms this year.

How do you like these conceptual mockups?