We’re are about four months away from this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, so the concept images are rolling in with more frequency.

This latest batch includes quite a bit, thanks to designer Leó Vallet who shared the images with Behance. Vallet envisions iOS 13 with only a few tweaks here and there, but, most importantly, the addition of at least one oft-requested feature. Of course, as is par for the course with concepts, these are just pipe dreams at this point. At the time of publication, we haven’t seen anything from Apple in regards to what they might actually launch later this year.

First up: Multitasking in Control Center (pictured at the top of this article). This aims to be an improvement to accessing Control Center in general. So instead of having to swipe down from the top-right corner to reach the feature, one would swipe up to launch the multitasking functionality baked into iOS. As you can see, this would bring up the running apps, but also the Control Center functionality.

It is a bit cramped, and it might lead to a lot of scrolling depending on how many Control Center options a user has, but it’s a nice tweak.

Apple needs to fix volume control UI in iOS. It has been an issue for so many years now, and with iOS 13 the company could finally fix it. Now, to be fair, Apple did tweak the platform a bit so that apps themselves can show different control UI for volume, like in Instagram and other apps. But Apple’s own apps and volume control UI isn’t great. Vallet changes that for the better in this concept work, with a small slider that shows up on the side of the screen.

It’s similar to how Google implemented volume control UI in the latest release for Android. It’s a good idea, though, so hopefully we see something like this in iOS 13.

One other bit definitely worth pointing out: Magic Mouse support in iOS. Namely, with the iPad. With so much talk about the upcoming bridge between iOS and macOS apps thanks to Project Marzipan, this would be a huge win for Apple. Plus, it would be a great addition for people who want to work on the iPad, but find mouse support a critical missing feature.

What do you think of these iOS 13 concepts? Want to see any, or all, of them in the real thing later this year?

[via 9to5Mac; Behance]

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