iOS 13 Concept Imagines iPad Pro with Mouse Support for Improved Multitasking

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 26, 2019 in iOS 13, News

iOS 13 Concept

The possibility of Apple adding native mouse support to iOS 13 on the iPad Pro has got a lot of people excited. Creator Guilherme Martins Schasiepen has gone ahead and created some renders of how iOS 13 will look like on the iPad Pro with mouse support.

His concept is based on the iOS 13 leak from earlier this month which revealed that it would come with floating apps. In the concept, he imagines using floating apps on the iPad Pro, using Exposé to see all the app windows open, and using drag and drop to move content around from one app to another.

It is definitely a great concept and shows how drag ‘n’ drop support along with support for external mouse will help make the iPad Pro a multitasking beast. Mouse support will mean that editing videos, photos, and doing other similar tasks on an iPad Pro will become far easier.

Our Take

The addition of mouse support does not mean that Apple will turn the iPad Pro into a MacBook. Instead, the mouse support will just come in handy in certain situations where a finger does not do a good job. As per leaks, iOS 13 will introduce support for USB mouse on the iPad Pro, though the feature will be available as an accessibility one meaning it will have to be enabled from the Settings menu first.

[Via Behance]

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