If you’re eagerly waiting for an iOS 13 jailbreak, you might be in for a treat. A famous hacker, going by the name of PsychoTea, has successfully jailbroken iOS 13 beta.

Now, while it’s common for iOS Betas to get jailbroken as a proof-of-concept, it’s still very welcome to see that the latest and greatest from Apple isn’t bullet-proof. Every year. there’s an outcry of people claiming that the latest iOS version is “unjailbreakable”, which Grammarly correctly tells me isn’t even a word.

Every software has bugs and exploits, meaning every piece of software can be hacked. iOS 13 is no different, and we can see that today from the progress PsychoTea has made:

The screenshot shows Cydia running on iOS 13, which we assume is of the latest build. While this does not mean an iOS 13 jailbreak is close, it further confirms that is is “possible” and it will get cracked sooner or later.

Judging by the past, a jailbreak for iOS 13 should come by the end of the year, possibly early next year. While this might sound like a long time, keep in mind that iOS 13 isn’t even publicly out yet. Releasing a jailbreak now would be a total waste of exploits as Apple could, and would, patch them in an instant.

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