Word on the street is that iOS 13 will adopt a system wide dark mode, which is one of the most oft-requested features to date.

Now, courtesy of PhoneArena, we’ve got some sleek concept images of what the “iPhone 11” or “iPhone XI” may look like running that dark mode. As noted in the original report, the images are based on previous rumors and CAD information, so nothing is final by any means. Whatever Apple is working on may be significantly different than what we’re seeing in these images. Still, as usual, concept images are typically fun to look at and these are no different.

What we can see is a familiar physical design to start with, with a horizontal triple camera design on the back of the handset and the smaller notch on the front. But it’s the sleek dark mode that really catches the eye here. This isn’t simply inverting colors, either, but rather a broader change to the way the system handles colors on the display while darkening the general theme.

“Don’t just invert whites, also subdue and limit other colors as much as possible. For example, instead of using solid, colorful toggles for various settings when they are enabled, a colorful outline can convey just as much information, without emitting unnecessary light.”

Control Center get a darker theme here, with those aforementioned highlighted colors around the icons looking really nice. It’s not a bad look, for sure, and one that seems simple enough that one can hope we actually see it come to light in iOS 13 later this year. Indeed, Apple introduced a system wide dark mode with macOS Mojave last year, so it’s about time iOS jumps on board.

In less than pleasing related news, it has also been rumored that Apple will be dropping support for a range of iPhone and iPad models with the launch of iOS 13.

Are you hoping iOS 13 introduces a system wide dark mode?

[via PhoneArena]

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