Most people use passcodes to protect their handsets from unwanted users for privacy reasons. Although modern handsets incorporate some form of biometric authentication in place of the passcode, whether that’s Face ID or Touch ID, your device still uses a passcode as a backup for when either of those stops working.

But while your passcode can keep your handset’s data safe in high-risk areas, it’s also true that some places (such as your home) pose little or no risk. That’s why iOS developers Luke Muris and Geometric Software released a new jailbreak tweak dubbed IntelligentPass 2.

IntelligentPass 2 is the successor to the insanely-popular IntelligentPass tweak, and citing the developer, it has been rebuilt from the ground up with new features and refinements that make it compatible with the new iOS 12 jailbreak by team unc0ver.

Once installed, IntelligentPass 2 can prevent you from having
to authenticate yourself in any of the following scenarios:

  • When your handset is in Airplane Mode
  • When your handset is connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device
  • When your handset is charging
  • When selected applications are playing media on your handset
  • During certain times of the day
  • When your handset is connected to specific Wi-Fi networks

Obviously, the tweak lets you pick and choose between any of
the above, as everyone uses their handset differently and some might consider
some of the above to still be ‘high-risk’ while others would not. You can
configure the tweak however you want from the preference pane that gets added
to the Settings app post-installation:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle IntelligentPass 2 on or off on demand
  • Enable no passcode mode when Airplane mode is
    turned on
  • Enable no passcode mode when a Bluetooth device
    is connected

    • Add and manage specific Bluetooth devices to use
      with IntelligentPass 2
  • Enable no passcode mode when your handset is connected
    to a power source
  • Enable no passcode mode when apps are playing

    • Add and manage specific media-playing apps to
      use with IntelligentPass 2
  • Enable no passcode mode for specific timeframes
    • Configure the start time and the end time for no
      passcode mode
  • Enable no passcode mode when connected to
    specific Wi-Fi networks

    • Add and manage ‘trusted’ Wi-Fi networks to use
      with IntelligentPass 2

From these options, we particularly like the Wi-Fi feature,
as we consider our house to be a relatively low-risk environment for prying
eyes. With this feature, we can configure our device to enter no passcode mode
whenever we’re in range of our home Wi-Fi network, and the passcode is
re-enabled again after we leave that zone.

Likewise, those who have regular work or school schedules may
find the time interval feature useful, as you can enable IntelligentPass 2
during times you expect to be home and disable it during your work or school
schedule to keep your handset’s data protected in risky environments.

To each their own, but we think IntelligentPass 2 is a wonderful jailbreak tweak. If you’re interested in trying it out, then you can download it from Cydia’s Packix repository for $2.79. The tweak works with all jailbroken iOS 12 devices; those on earlier versions of iOS can use the tweak’s predecessor: IntelligentPass.

What are your thoughts about IntelligentPass 2, and will you
be installing it on your newly-jailbroken iOS 12 device? Let us know in the
comments section below.