Intel Expects to Keep Supplying 4G Modems in iPhones Through 2019

Posted by Evan Selleck on Apr 25, 2019 in Intel, iPhone 11, News

Word on the street is that Qualcomm and Samsung will be the companies tapped to supply 5G modems for the 2020 iPhone lineup. That’s following the settlement between Qualcomm and Apple — and Intel’s departure from the 5G modem game. But Intel isn’t giving up what it already has.

According to Stephen Nellis of Reuters, Intel expects to continue to supply 4G modems for the iPhone lineup, which will likely include the iPhone 11 later this year. That expectation was delivered by Intel’s CEO, Bob Swan, during the company’s latest earnings call. Here’s the quote, as tweeted today by Nellis:

The reality of the situation is that it’s too late in the 2019 iPhone lifecycle for Apple to switch things up already, even if the devices aren’t set to arrive until later this year. While Apple and Qualcomm have figured things out, that relationship won’t see the fruits of the patchwork until 2020.

That means there will be one more iteration of the iPhone family that features Intel modems inside. But once 2020 rolls around, and 5G (probably) becomes the standard for cellular connectivity, it looks like it will be Qualcomm and Samsung carrying that burden.

[via @StephenNellis]

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