Intel Believes Apple Could Transition to ARM-Based Macs in 2020

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 21, 2019 in Apple Rumors, Intel, Mac, News

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There have been rumors for quite some time that Apple is developing ARM-based Macs. And apparently even Intel buys them.

Axios has a report out this week, outlining recent news regarding Apple’s future transition away from Intel-based processors in its computers. Interestingly enough, officials at Intel are expecting the transition to start very soon. In fact, some told the publication that they “expect such a move as soon as next year”. If that is indeed the case, we could see ARM-based Macs as early as 2020.

To bolster that expectation is the recent report that Apple is planning on making Project Marzipan a primary focus at this year’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. That project, which was originally exposed back in 2017, would see a unified software development kit (SDK) between macOS and iOS. That report from earlier this week echoed the sentiment that Apple is planning on launching its first ARM-based Mac next year.

It is worth noting that this change, while obviously in the works for quite some time, would be a gradual one. There is no information right now as to which Mac-branded computer would get the ARM-based processor designed by Apple first. Indeed, even after Apple announces the first product, it may be some time before any other Macs are outfitted with the new processors as well.

Apple’s primary focus has to be Marzipan’s adoption and developers. The change between the old Mac lineup and the ones outfitted with the new processors won’t be subtle. If the rumors are true and this year’s WWDC is going to showcase Marzipan, it would not be a surprise if the goal is to make it as clear as possible to developers why the transition is worth it, and that the fundamentals are in place. Of course, a bit of marketing buzz for the consumers won’t hurt, either.

Whatever happens, WWDC 2019 is happening soon. We know it kicks off on June 3. Are you looking forward to the launch of ARM-based Macs and the melding of macOS and iOS apps?

[via Axios]

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