Instagram removes tool that let users see who’s “stalking” them

Instagram wants to save your from over Gramming.
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One of the most popular features for keeping tabs on who’s stalking you on Instagram has quietly disappeared overnight.

Instagram users were furious to find out this week that the app removed the ability to see the full list of who viewed your Stories after 24 hours. You also can no longer see who viewed your Highlights, causing some users to take to Twitter in anger.

The viewers list on Instagram Stories has long been an easy way for users to see if an ex-lover or potential crush has been keeping tabs on them. You can still see the viewers list while your Story is live. When you go to archived stories though, you’ll now see a message that “viewer lists aren’t available after 24 hours.”

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This is what you’ll see now.
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Removing the viewers list does give users more privacy, especially considering it was used by the content creators to see specifically who is watching their stuff with no way for the viewer to remove their name. You can still see who is watching your stories, you just have to keep tabs on the list before your post disappears.

“We’re always working to provide a simple and consistent experience for our community. Stories last for 24 hours, and this change brings the same functionality to your story viewers list,” an Instagram spokesperson said in a statement to Business Insider.

More Instagram changes

Instagram also came out with a couple of significant changes to its app this week. To increase IGTV views, the app is now showing previews to IGTV videos in the main feed. The promo posts only appear when someone you follow posts something to IGTV.

The photo-sharing app also says it is banning all graphic images of self-harm. The move comes after Instagram was blamed for the suicide of British teenager, Molly Russell. After her death in 2017, Molly’s family discovered she was following a number of accounts that promoted self-harm and suicide.


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