Instagram is Now Putting IGTV Previews in the Main Feed

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 07, 2019 in Facebook, Instagram, News

If you have successfully managed to navigate away from IGTV, the social networks first effort with long-form vertical content, it might be harder starting today.

Variety is reporting on Thursday that Instagram has made the decision to include advertisements for IGTV content in each user’s main feed. This change is starting to rollout today, so if you haven’t already seen the ads yet, it sounds like you certainly will very soon.

“Instagram is trying to get more people to watch longer-form video on IGTV: Starting Thursday, the app is adding IGTV previews that will appear in users’ primary feeds.

Now, when users scroll through their Instagram feed, they’ll see when there’s a new video from someone they follow and will be able to preview the content before watching the full video in IGTV.”

These previews of content will, like other video content on the platform, automatically play as you scroll over it. The idea here is pretty obvious: Instagram wants more people watching IGTV content so that it can justify the content’s existence. A spokesperson for the platform said as much:

“With IGTV previews in Feed, we’re making it even easier to discover and watch the latest video content from your favorite follows,” an Instagram rep said.”/blockquote>

As mentioned above, the IGTV previews will start showing up in the user feed starting today. And for creators, they can now upload a one minute preview of their IGTV content right on their profile as well. Instagram has been promoting IGTV content in the Explore tab for quite some time. It has felt like it was just a matter of time before IGTV ads/previews finally landed in the main feed.

Have you checked out any of the IGTV content yet?

[via Variety]

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