Insane concept gives iPhone 11 a crazy 360-degree display

iPhone concept
Is it possible to have too much screen?
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

Do you ever wish that your entire iPhone was just one giant screen? With Apple continuously making displays bigger and bezels tinier, it seems inevitable that the iPhone will boast a display that wraps around the front and back.

The folks at ConceptsiPhone have come out with a wild iPhone 11 concept that envisions what an all-display iPhone would look like. Imagine all the new possibilities created for apps with a 360-degree display. Also, imagine how much Apple would charge to repair it.

This thing looks crazy:

Concept designer Ran Avnisays that the iPhone 11 concept would have zero ports thanks to wireless charging and data transfer. There would be dual speakers on the sides and better water and dust resistance. It also has both FaceID and TouchID.

Obviously, there’s absolutely zero chance Apple comes out with an iPhone like this in 2019. Given the trend toward folding phones, it’s unlikely that we’d ever see a design like this.

Early rumors for the 2019 iPhone claim it will look a lot like the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Apple might shrink the FaceID notch and add a third camera lens to the back. Other features could include an A13 processor, USB-C, 3D laser cameras and more. Apple isn’t expected to reveal the new iPhones until Fall 2019, so a lot could still change by then.


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