Multitasking is something that the iOS platform has always fallen short on, and that’s precisely why we’re excited to talk to you about a newly-released jailbreak tweak called PullOver Pro by iOS developer c1d3r.

As you might’ve noticed from the screenshot examples above, PullOver Pro is exactly what it sounds like. The tweak adds a small grabber to the side of your display that you can interact with to gain quick access to your favorite or most recently-used apps.

You can tap and hold on the grabber for a moment to reveal a hidden menu, and while you’re in this menu, you can drag your finger around to pin apps to the PullOver Pro interface. As you might come to expect, swiping on the grabber opens a try containing the app(s) you’ve pinned.

Once installed, PullOver Pro puts a preference pane in the Settings app where you can configure a few options to your liking:

Here, you can:

  • Enable or disable the tweak on demand
  • Choose between recent or favorite apps
  • Configure how many apps can appear in the tray at once
  • Choose between light or dark grabber style
  • Hide the grabber from Landscape orientation

The developer includes a Respring button at the top right of the preference pane that you should use whenever you make changes to the settings. This ensures that they’re appended to your device for the next time you go to use PullOver Pro.

In talks with the developer, we’ve been assured that more features are coming to the PullOver Pro preference pane in a future update, so even if you grab the tweak today, you can expect that it’ll become more useful over time.

If you’re interested in trying PullOver Pro, then you can download it from C1d3r’s beta repository in Cydia; you will then be prompted to purchase the tweak for $2.00 from the preference pane upon trying to configure it. The tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

Do you like the concept behind PullOver Pro? Let us know in the comments section below.